A day in the life of a nerdy kid.


Since I was a little nerdy girl in Catholic school, I have always loved writing. I always looked forward to reading time at school when the nuns would read classic stories to the class. I remember The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, and Louisa Mae Alcott’s Little Women as being my favorites.  As the nun read these descriptive stories to the class, I would let my imagination run wild as I mentally envisioned the places and people and countryside and cottages the nun read about from the books.  My dad nurtured my thirst for reading by buying me children’s books. But my special treat was a monthly subscription to Children’s Digest, a gift from my dad. I would wait at our gate for the mailman on the particular day of the month when I knew my own little magazine would arrive. Once I got it and the rest of our mail, I rushed inside, put the rest of the mail on the dresser, and dashed to the sofa by the window to dig into my Digest. First, I would do the crossword puzzle. Then I would go through the Word Power section to learn new words and to see which ones I knew already. This helped to increase my vocabulary. Then I’d take my time reading the captivating stories included for that month. And to this day, I always buy a Reader’s Digest whenever I spot one on a magazine rack or in a bookstore. My love for it will never die, thanks to my wonderful dad.