An Original Poem for a friend.

God smiled on me as He always does when I let Him set me free.

A rift turned a friend to foe. Hard to contain Pain welling up inside me.

Evil thoughts engulfed me.  Heart laden with hurt and animosity

Yet compassion waited oh so patiently.

Searched the heavens for my relief. Found it!

Inside me all the time!

Shook off the cold veil of indifference.

Healing words, tender tears.

An embrace re-sealed the bond of friendship.

Fortified by mutual forgiveness.

My heart beat lighter, with childlike contentment of

Sitting on my mother’s lap, snuggling deep

In her ample breasts as she rocked me to sleep.

Resting in forgiveness, I am free again,

Knowing that God has cuddled my soul.

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