Paying it Forward

Went to a German market today to get a few things. After putting them in my basket, I got in line behind a woman in a long dress. She wore a hijab, so I assumed she was of Middle Eastern descent. She had a cart full of groceries, but hesitated to put anything on the conveyor belt because she turned around, looked at me and down at my small basket and then back at her cart. Her olive skin radiated peacefulness. Then she turned around again and said something to me in a language, which I didn’t understand because it wasn’t in German. At first I didn’t move, so she gestured for me to get in line ahead of her. I smiled and thanked her in German. She nodded back. That small bit of courtesy on her part meant a lot to me. Her thoughtfulness of letting me get ahead of her in line would let me get out of the store quicker. I am grateful for that stranger’s act of kindness. I will pay it forward whenever I get the chance. If you are reading this, I hope you will take the opportunity to pay forward a kindness to a stranger no matter how they look. Someone may need it and it might make someone’s day plus yours. I AM GRATEFUL!


Author: Colorful, unique posters for any occasion.

I am a Retired Army Veteran having a blast at doing what I love to do. Web Site: Blog: Email: MAIOUI2000@YAHOO.COM

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