Water or Vinegar?

Sometimes the most ridiculous things can happen when we don’t pay attention to things around us. Case in point:  I drove to France the other day with my good friend Betty who was visiting from the states.  To keep thirst at bay, I brought some German sweet peach tea along with us that I wanted her to try.  Since I had an empty water bottle in my car, I stopped on the side of the road to open the carton of tea and poured half of it into my water bottle. I gave the carton to Betty. She tried the tea and liked it.


Within the hour, we arrived in Metz, France. We stopped at the famous French chain store called Cora to do some shopping, then we headed back to Germany. After dropping Betty off in Wiesbaden where she was staying with another friend of hers,  I headed home.


When I got home, I went to my kitchen and put the half bottle of sweet peach tea in my refrigerator.  A bit hungry, I pulled out a  boneless chicken breast from the freezer to thaw.  After it was ready to cook, I seasoned it and fried it in some coconut oil in my cast iron skillet. Then, I took it out and threw some chopped onions and other seasonings in the skillet. After the onions and seasoning had browned, I put the chicken breast back in the skillet and drizzled some fresh lemon juice over it.  The aroma was heavenly!  To bring up my gravy, I needed to pour a bit of water over the onions and seasonings.  So, I went to my fridge to grab a bottle of water.  After opening it, I poured some of the water over the chicken breast, onions and seasonings.  The gravy came up to a nice brown and smelled especially enticing.  As I was stirring the mixture, something told me to check the water bottle. I glanced over at it on the counter, picked it up and realized that I hadn’t poured water into my lemony chicken breast mixture, it was the water bottle filled with sweet German peach tea! Crap! I thought, “What the hell have I done?”   I hadn’t realized that the labels on the water bottles in my fridge were very similar to the label on the bottle of sweet German peach tea.

I waited a few minutes until my chicken breast had simmered enough to be ready to eat.  But the sweet German tea had probably turned my usually tasty, spicy lemony chicken breast into a weird concoction I hadn’t planned on preparing:  sweet and sour chicken breast!  I grabbed a spoon and cautiously scooped up some gravy, which was tasty enough but unnecessarily and unintentionally sweet.  There was no saving this dish; throwing it away was out of the question because I love chicken too much.  To help mask the sweet and sour taste, I baked a small potato to go along with this rogue dish.  It wasn’t that bad, but it’s a dish that I will never, ever repeat again if I can help it.  But I gotta be more careful about just blindly grabbing a  bottle of ‘water’ from my fridge!

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